You can slice your energy bill before you slice the pie by following these quick and easy steps.

Timing is everything. Make sure the green bean casserole is ready for baking by the time your oven finishes preheating. Heating the oven for longer than needed wastes energy and money.

No peeking! Use your oven light to check on the turkey rather than opening the oven door. Opening it up can drop the temp and waste energy.

Size matters. Using a small pan on a big burner is a no-go. Matching your pot or pan with the burner size saves energy and cooks your feast faster.

Feeling toasty? If your oven is rocking and you’ve got mashed potatoes cooking on the stove, lower your thermostat a degree or two without feeling a difference.

Cleanup time! After you’ve filled your belly, be sure to fill the dishwasher completely before starting it up. It uses the same energy, whether it’s half or fully loaded.

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